Dedicated Development Team

We offer you an opportunity to get down to development projects without wasting time and money on looking for human resources by providing you with an agile development team of highly skilled professionals.

Dedicated Development Team
Team organization and communication flow
We offer you wide range of qualified professionals exactly for your needs. Smartum Pro will provide you with agile development team of experienced developers, designers and engineers that will work on your projects exclusively.
Team organization and communication flow

Say YES to

  • Easily scalable agile development team working only for you
  • The possibility to fully control teamwork and project budget
  • Communication process transparency
  • High level of project security control and confidentiality
  • Flexible pricing terms
  • No expenses related to social benefits, bonuses etc.

Say NO to

  • Unpredictable costs
  • Long and complicated communication chains
  • Lack of control over the team’s work
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Staffing risks and problems
We’ve developed smooth Agile workflow of the dedicated developers team enabling us to deliver the highest quality services to our clients
Employee levels and cost
In accordance with experience and skills of our employees we divide them into 3 groups:
Employee levels and cost
Junior Engineer up to 3 years of experience
Mid-level Engineer over 3 years of experience
Senior Engineer over 5 years of experience

In order to provide our clients with easy and quick pricing for long-term assignments we have established a pricing model called Fixed Monthly Employee Cost. This model provides that a fixed monthly cost is defined for each employee for a particular period of time. Smartum Pro provides free consulting services concerning the optimal rate of wages in order to increase employee productivity.

Client Roles and Activities

Operation Management / General Management

Responsible for cooperation with Smartum Pro regarding organization of the agile dedicated developers team and the fundamental aspects of their work

Project Management

Responsible for organization of and control over the project development process and agile development team’s activities

Smartum Pro Roles and Activities

Administrative management

Providing a range of daily activities for dedicated team management such as financial, legal, administrative support and other activities for both the team and the client


Responsible for three main activities:

  • - recruitment of dedicated team professionals
  • - regular training for their professional growth
  • - providing different perks

How to start

You’re just three steps away from your own nearshore | offshore software development team:

  1. Client’s requirements analysis to provide a dedicated team with proper expertise. It consists of
    • defining infrastructure and personnel requirements
    • defining project scope and activities to be performed by the dedicated developers team
  2. Drafting a contract with information about the terms, rates and agreements on the project
  3. Establishing dedicated project team that includes hiring developers, providing them with necessary hardware, software, office space etc.


If you need a dedicated project team of highly skilled developers - just fill in the form and briefly tell us about your project, and our specialists will contact you within a day.


To receive more detailed information about dedicated team model, its advantages, and work process, you can read one of our previous posts.


If you would like to get more information about pros and cons of offshore and nearshore software development centers, and find an ideal mobile developer, write us on [email protected], and we will send you our presentation. Whether you need to hire mobile app developers, or web developers - we are always here to help you!