SAP Application Development




We build enterprise applications on SAP, SAP HANA, Fiori, that help you automate workflow, receive real-time data, accelerate and improve decision-making process, and get better business results


Why choose us:


  • Strong in-house dev team with 3+ experience
  • Certified software engineers
  • Dedicated Agile development team
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Location in Eastern Europe


We make:  


  • SAP and SAP HANA apps
  • Fiori apps
  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards, DesignStudio
  • Informational space and representation SAP Business Object Explorer and SAP Lumira
  • Web Intelligence reports
  • Crystal reports (for reports design and generation)
  • Migration of your previous reports and xCelsius Dashboards to new DesignStudio 1.6 reports, update of their functionality, visualization and presentability


SAP Application Development can ensure:  


  • Control of effectiveness of a division / department / company
  • Big Data processing and investigation
  • Display main KPIs on GeoMap and Location identification
  • Providing text annotations and sharing information with colleagues
  • Sending and exchanging reports via email
  • Enhanced troubleshooting process


SAP HANA platform to deliver smart applications


SAP HANA database and app development platform allows engineers to build applications that leverage advanced analytic processing and provide company employees and customers with a deep insight into any data. They can include real-time reporting, up-to-date enterprise data, both external and internal data, real-time analytics and statistics. Such applications allow to make deep up-to-date insights in business data anytime, enhance decision-making process, and get better results.


Enterprise solutions built on SAP HANA platform allow to:


  • Automate business processes
  • Process large data volumes
  • Receive real-time analytics and reports
  • Make predictive analysis/li>
  • Enhance data management
  • Make fast, reasonable and informed decisions
  • Quickly react and adjust to changing conditions and situations
  • Always have relevant KPIs at hand


Business Object Mobile from SAP  


SAP Business Object Mobile enables employees to get up-to-date information and critical business intelligence anytime, anyplace, on any device. Business Object Mobile is optimized to work both on large pad screens and small screens of smartphones.


SAP Business Object Mobile allows to:


  • Get a secure access to reports from mobile devices
  • Receive required information in a convenient format
  • Work with up-to-date corporate information from any place
  • Manage business in real-time
  • Effectively adjust to changing business conditions
  • Analyze key metrics and uncover data trends
  • Share business insights and data with other employees


SAP Business Objects BI


SAP Business Objects BI is a powerful solution that enables companies to view, sort, analyze, and manage Business Intelligence data. Employees receive processed up-to-date information in predictive dashboards and reports, for example, Crystal, OLAP, etc. SAP Business Objects can be configured to various business industries such as banking and finance, manufacturing, retail, and others.


SAP Business Objects BI Advantages:


  • Data analysis and management
  • Business process automation
  • Enhanced control of company’s operations
  • Improved financial management
  • More fast and informed decisions
  • Enhanced business strategy development (based on actual processed data and predictive analysis)
  • Centralized and secure corporate data storage
  • Operations and processes tracking
  • Improved company performance management


Collaboration with us


Here at Smartum Pro we provide quality SAP application development services. Our specialists get a deep insight into your project goals and industry specific needs to deliver a successful solution to meet them. We make and integrate products to automate business operations, analyse and manage data, accelerate and speed up decision-making process, improve financial management, and more.
Understanding of your project, high SAP application development expertise, and knowing the market allow us to help you define requirements, choose the most suitable technologies, prepare a technical specification, as well as offer you smart recommendations during the working process if needed. We focus on long-term collaboration and believe that success of our customers leads to ours.

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