Native & Hybrid mobile app development. Right solutions. Right away.

Full-stack iOS, Android and cross-platform application development for your business.

UI/UX Design

Perfect quality mobile interfaces in full compliance with platform guidelines. True material design for Android and flat design for iOS InVision allows you to look at the app on the phone before developing.

Dedicated Agile Team

Hire the team of professionals who will work on your project success. Agile methodology makes the development process transparent and easy to manage

Great applications for great companies

See how we create beautiful, yet functional apps for our clients.

Our services

UI / UX Design
We create impressive interfaces. Usability + user experience are created based on study of preferences and user behavior, using the latest web design trends, our experience and achievements.
Mobile App Development
We develop high quality and effective applications for your business. Our expertise and knowledge help us create reliable mobile applications for iOS and Android and cross-platform solutions.
Java / Web Development
Smartum is a team of passionate people. We have completed projects varying from responsive website design to full-cycle web applications development including CRM, HRM and project management solutions.

Smartum Values


Smartum Pro решает задачи вашей компании и разрабатывает продукты, которые соответствуют вашим требованиям и способствуют успеху вашего бизнеса. Мы эффективно выполняем поставленные задачи, заботясь о конечном результате и его высоком качестве.


Удобный и прозрачный процесс коммуникации дает вам возможность контролировать работу, участвовать в процессах управления и планирования задач, всегда быть в курсе хода процесса разработки вашего проекта и иметь прямой доступ к каждому члену команды.


Наши опытные специалисты знают, как создать продукт, отвечающий вашим задачам и требованиям. Успешно запустив десятки проектов различных сфер деятельности и имея большой опыт, мы разрабатываем продукты, которые способствуют достижению ваших целей.


Успех наших клиентов – наш успех. Помогая компаниям достигать целей, Smartum Pro предлагает разумные цены и рекомендации по проекту. Мы создаем не только качественные продукты, мы строим надежное и эффективное партнерство и долгосрочные отношения.

Our work

A mobile app for company reporting system automation
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Platform: Mobile
A mobile app for company reporting system automation
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Platform: Mobile
Social network for placing ads, mutual help and charity
  • Industry: Social network, Communication, Charity
  • Platform: Mobile, Web
CRM and ERP system for remote staff management
  • Industry: CRM, Business
  • Platform: Web, Mobile
Custom Keyboard – sticky notes & emoticons
  • Industry: Entertainment, Communication
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Messaging app with smiles editor based on photos
  • Industry: Messaging, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Trucks search and freight
  • Industry: Transport and Logistics
  • Platform: iOS, Android
HRM: eLearning and staff assessment tool
  • Industry: eLearning, HRM
  • Platform: Web, Mobile
Virtual discount cards / Loyalty program
  • Industry: Loyalty Program, Sales Enforcement
  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS
Romantic app for couples
  • Industry: Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Networking tool for Instagram
  • Industry: Social, Business
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Industry: Social, Business
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Interactive books for kids
  • Industry: eLearning, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Work-life balance аpp
  • Industry: Health
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Habit builder app
  • Industry: Health, Lifestyle
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Social network & advertising platform
  • Industry: Sales enforcement, Advertising, Social network
  • Platform: iOS, Web, Java backend
Anonymizer and additional security layer for mobile data
  • Industry: VPN, Security
  • Platform: Android, iOS
Language learning and matching platform
  • Industry: Education
  • Platform: Android, iOS, API,Web
Free time planner / Entertainment promotion
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Car insurance & repair CRM
  • Industry: Auto Insurance, CRM
  • Platform: Android, Java backend
CRM for field-workers (like merchandisers)
  • Industry: CRM, Productivity
  • Platform: Android
Tournament / Challenge app for tennis players
  • Industry: Entertainment, Sport
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Web, Rest-API
Sales enforcement tool for Heineken sellers
  • Industry: Sales Enforcement
  • Platform: iOS

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