7 Reasons to choose Salesforce application development platform for your product creation

salesforce application development 7 Reasons to choose Salesforce application development platform for your product creation
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About Salesforce

Salesforce is a worldwide leader in cloud-computing industry, #1 in CRM (Customer Relationship Software) and Service, Customer Engagement Center software.

Salesforce is a leading SaaS and PaaS solution provider and the largest platform for business application development. More than 2600 applications are now published and available for lightning-fast installation from AppExchange – enterprise apps marketplace created by Salesforce.

About startups in B2B and B2C segment. Why you should choose Salesforce as a platform:

1. Security
Salesforce utilizes quite decent security standards on all levels starting from top-tier data-centers in 4 major locations (US, Europe, Japan). As a result, clients receive secure and reliable solutions for business process automation and optimization.

2. Scalability
Salesforce platform automatically scales based on the user licenses acquired. No load balances, starting\stopping servers. One single version of the configuration and source code, designed to work efficiently for 1 or millions of your product users.

So, the platform has great benefits especially for Salesforce custom application development requiring global deployments or large numbers of users.

3. Embedded CRM
Nowadays building trusted 1-to-1 relationship with the customer is no doubt a crucial factor for the product success. You can invent a bicycle by embedding CRM capabilities to your product.

Or you can build a network of promising yet not that expensive customer relationship management and support tools and integrate them into your product…

Salesforce goes two steps further: The best in the world CRM and Service cloud is already there! You just need to acquire additional licenses for your sales and support team.

4. AppExchange
Ok. You have an app. Where are you going to find your customers? The customers want to see trusted reviews, demo video and take a trial right away. Salesforce application development includes everything you need: AppExchange – a unique marketplace for enterprise apps and Salesforce CRM\Service cloud add-ons.

AppExchange has just turned 10 years. More than 2600 apps are available starting from full-blown ERP in the cloud to digital signature or smart quotes generation for your CRM.

The marketplace allows filtering applications by keywords or categories, customer reviews, and rating as well as lead generation right into your Salesforce CRM Enterprise Edition which is given for free to all ISV vendors (2 Salesforce standard licenses).

5. Speed of Development
Database configuration, permissions model, email notifications and campaigns, automated workflows, point-and-click UI configuration – this is a small percentage of the functions available for you if you’ve chosen Salesforce as a core platform for your product creation.

Lightning Framework, Salesforce1 Mobile App, APIs, and SDKs give you all the latest technology tools for Web apps development.

6. Developers Eco-system
More than 2 million registered developers and more than 50k active members of the development community will allow you to find the team of your choice in almost any region of the world, starting from Belarus to Iceland.

7. Partners Eco-system
More than 400 Service Partners focused on Salesforce with broad industry expertise in >100 countries can help you with the Salesforce application development or implementation of your product for your clients.

About Smartum Pro Salesforce application development services
Smartum Pro provides quality Salesforce custom application development services delivering such solutions for business process automation and optimization as mobile reporting, mobile BI, data warehousing, and CRM integration.

Our turn-key mobile apps development built on or fully integrated with Salesforce. Additional services: Force.com product development for AppExchange, Salesforce Custom development services including Lightning, Visualforce, APEX. Hybrid-cloud solutions on Heroku + Force.com.

4.5/5 - (4 votes)