CRM in Travel industry: What problems CRM solves in travel companies?

crm software solution CRM in Travel industry: What problems CRM solves in travel companies?
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CRM systems, or customer relationship management systems, are one of the much-needed solutions in the business environment. Many organizations implement them to optimize internal processes, improve service quality and enhance relations with both customers and partners.

Certainly, travel companies are not the exception. Facing high competition and necessity in constant development, they are nearly always in search of possible enhancements. In this post, we will speak about the problems that CRM software solutions solve in the travel industry, and consider CRM benefits.

1. Lack of “mess” in records – Creation and maintenance of a quality database

Creation of a quality database helps travel companies improve relationships with clients, increase their loyalty, and hence the entire income. So, what can be in such an information database?

First of all, there are contacts, customer general information, the list of received requests during each customer interaction, contact dates, the summary of discussions, information about booked tours, rejection reasons, etc.

Lack of “mess” in records and accurate database maintenance lead to information losses elimination and necessity to spend time looking for some notes/records, which in turn positively affects company results.

What’s more, CRM software solutions provide the ability to set automatic reminders. Suppose, you had a call from a man thinking about booking a tour to Europe and you decided to contact him later.

In order not to lose the client you set a reminder, that on day X you need to call this person. You can also make some notes, for example, about his preferences, the discount you want to offer or about the size of his budget.

Developing your own CRM solution remember about the implementation of automatic updates feature, so that each change immediately displays for those who have access to the database.

Thus, as a result, you receive a structured database which will help your managers quickly orient in large data streams, save leads, and provide more quality services.

2. Audience segmentation and targeting

Thanks to CRM system you can define your target audience. What’s the percentage of men and women, the young and the adult? What is the average budget of your audience?

What destinations its representatives prefer, what means of transport they choose? What tours are the most popular?

An CRM software solution allows to answer these questions and thus not to just get a profile of your average customer, but also divide your target audience into segments. Parameters of each group can be different, from age to budget size.

Next, you determine the size and key characteristics of each segment and create personalized offers for each group.

For example, in settings you can use different filters you can define the clients who booked a summer family tour to Italy last year and send them new offers. Targeting improvement and personalized approach facilitate sales enforcement.

3. Preparation of advertising campaigns

CRM application development can provide a lot of benefits, one of them is the automation and optimization of the advertising campaign creation process.

First, you have a client base (including both current and potential), that you can divide into segments, and by using filters make an email marketing campaign for a certain group.

Second, CRM systems generally offer different content templates for email campaigns preparation. They can include such elements as the text itself, buttons (social media buttons, call-to-action buttons, for example, “Contact us”, “Book a tour”, depending on your goal), images.

Then, CRM software solutions provide the ability to plan marketing campaigns and their launch. For instance, you’ve created several campaigns and need to send them at a different time. Save them in drafts and set up their automatic sending on the needed date and time.

4. Analysis of marketing campaigns

Above we’ve described the use of CRM systems for the target audience segmentation and targeting campaigns preparation. Another important advantage of a CRM software solution is the ability to analyze the results of your work.

For example, you’ve made an email campaign to 500 clients. With the use of CRM application, you will be able to estimate its efficiency, analyzing such metrics as the percentage of email openings, the percentage of reading letters, click-through-rate, the percentage of those who contacted you and/or those who ordered a tour.

Thus, travel companies use custom mobile and web CRM app development for not only targeting enhancement and marketing campaign creation but also for their testing and analysis.

5. Task assignation and teamwork

There are many CRM use cases in the travel industry. Beside abovementioned goals travel companies stay on CRM application development to ensure effective work planning, team cooperation, and task scheduling.

With the help of an interactive dashboard, implemented in your CRM software solution, you can coordinate and manage employee work, assign tasks, make notes about calls (both received and planned), leads, partners, emails, as well as look through working schedules, set reminders, and a lot more. And a built-in calendar will allow you to visualize your plans and their completion.

Travel companies also choose CRM application development to automate request processing, automatically track both inbound and outbound calls and emails, as well as prepare detailed KPI reports.

Thus, CRM solutions are widely used in the travel industry, simplifying employee work and accelerating many operations. We provide custom mobile and web app development services, including CRM software creation and integration.

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