Big Data application development: where to employ big data apps

big data apps Big Data application development: where to employ big data apps
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Big data has become one of the most trendy conceptions in the technology field. It is not only interesting from the scientific point of view, but also from the viewpoint of applying big data software solutions in business.

In a recent article, we have described this concept and explained why it is so popular. This time we will give you 5 examples of fields, where big data apps can be implemented during mobile and web applications development.

1. Customer relationship management
All businesses have customers and it is essential for the entrepreneurs to care about those who their companies serve to. Find more information about  CRM web and mobile app development, including the features that should be definitely integrated into your application.

As we are talking about big data apps, they can be quite useful for collecting, processing and analyzing basically all data you can find about your customers. The big data processing feature can be implemented during the creation of CRM solutions.

Thus the system will be able to make predictions and carry out the right actions that will lead to better customer retention and enhanced customer experience as well.

Here is a particular example. Imagine you have a cafe chain in your town. One of your frequent customers has just posted a photo with a friend on Instagram and geotagged it. 15 minutes later there comes another photo geotagged closer to one of your cafes.

And the weather forecast says that it will be raining in 30 minutes. Your system will be able to collect and analyze these unconnected data from the web and send a perfect personalized offer (for example, ‘bring a friend today and get 20% off for two coffees’) to your client’s smartphone.

This will certainly raise the customer’s interest and all this will be done automatically without human effort.

2. Banking and finance
Credits and money lending have been popular for centuries and they still are. To reduce all possible risks, banks have to carry out numerous and long procedures to determine the creditworthiness of every client.

Instead of doing this manually or half-manually by employees, banks can implement big data apps in their software system to optimize and automate this process. Such big data processing should first of all include all information from social media accounts of the potential client and probably even his/her appearances on local media.

Another example of big data application development in the world of finance is making predictions and prognoses. Imagine a big data app that can collect huge amounts of unconnected data not only from the financial world but also from the world of politics, technology etc.

All these affect the situation in the world of finance but it is basically impossible for a human to process all the information manually and make a precise conclusion. And this is exactly where big data web and mobile applications development efficiently solve this problem.

3. Marketing and advertising
Advances in technology bring new opportunities for marketing that bring it to a completely new level. Big data processing apps allow conducting much more effective market research and testing to improve the productivity of marketing campaigns.

Big data web and mobile apps can use information from social networks, media, news to make predictions and divide your target audience to provide them with better-targeted marketing content.

Just like in the previous cases, a human practically cannot carry out such a task because of its complexity. But a big data app can, so why not consider the option of big data application development for your business?

Here is a simple example. Imagine a supermarket chain with thousands or even millions of customers representing different groups: young couples, singles, couples with little children, dog lovers, outgoing people etc.

It is usually not difficult to determine the ‘group’ a particular person belongs to from posts and photos from his/her social media accounts. Big data mobile and web apps can collect and analyze these random data and carry out the right decisions to provide you with better targeting for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

4. Forensics and healthcare
If you have ever read the Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes or watched the House, M.D. TV series, you’ve probably wondered how these two geniuses could draw all these conclusions from small and almost imperceptible facts and details.

These are fictional characters but actually, with ever advancing technologies and the introduction of big data apps, such practices become possible.

Imagine connecting all the data from the web, sensors, surveillance cameras, wearables and analyzing them automatically providing doctors or detectives (diagnosing and investigation are basically quite similar processes) with a number of possible solutions, thus narrowing down the area of analysis.

Thus a doctor will be able to use data such as temperature or humidity level from sensors in the house of the patient together with data from wearables and medical examinations to better determine what caused the symptoms.

Or an investigator will be able to use information and photos from social media and surveillance cameras to match the person on the video with a real one automatically. This would simplify the workflow of medicine and forensics employees thus allowing them to focus on the most significant details.

5. Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is another trend in the technology field that is going to change the way we interact with the world. The cooperation of the IoT technology with big data application development will open enormous opportunities to collect and analyze data about the world around us.

Imagine the world of sensors and smart devices that can collect vast amounts of data on various parameters. Big data apps will allow further processing of this information and our task is to create ideas of where these data can find a useful application.

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