Internet of things: trend, advantages, and development

iot era Internet of things:  trend, advantages, and development
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Nowadays we often hear about the Internet of things, but not all of us have an exact understanding of its meaning. Many people believe that IoT is only machine-to-machine communication, but the internet of things concept is much wider.

IoT concept
The Internet of things is one whole network which connects devices with virtual objects implying close integration of people with different network devices and in the future their practically complete interaction.

The Internet of things is a network of networks: a plenty of special devices and sensors are interconnected forming a network, and they, in turn, are also interconnected, creating a huge network of networks.

The Internet of things isn’t only the main trend of the world of technologies, but also a new era of internet development, discovering great opportunities with a possible complete integration of real and virtual worlds in the future.

IoT Era
In 2010 as a result of a rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the number of connected devices exceeded the number of people (the number of connected objects increased to 12.5 billion, while the entire population was 6.8 billion people).

This was the end of the Internet of people and the beginning of the Internet of things era.

At present moment we are observing the fast development of the Internet of things. Now more and more devices are being connected to the network, as we have a strong desire to do everything around us “smart”, up to road signs.

According to scientific forecasts, by 2020 the number of connected devices will have been 60 billion! Thus, the Internet of things is a trend of our time.

Network of networks
If before money plays a key role in ruling the world, today information has already replaced it as it’s the most valuable commodity now.

The main idea of the Internet of things is the connection of machines, various devices, sensors etc. which read, collect, transform, and analyze the information. Data analysis has special significance as without it devices (connected to the network) won’t be able to transform it.

IoT possibilities and advantages
Now let’s talk about the possibilities of the Internet of things and the advantages it gives. There are a lot of advantages to the IoT, and it’s not difficult to imagine them. Many possibilities of IoT are carried out before our eyes.

Let’s imagine a portable device “keeping watch over” the state of people’s health. In case of something serious, f.e., heart attack, loss of consciousness, fall on the earth with a possible concussion, it will automatically call an ambulance.

Even with a slight deterioration such as the increase in pressure and dizziness, it will send an alarm signal to its wearer. Just think, which benefits such a smart device will bring to people with serious illnesses and the elderly population!

Connected to network device installed in a car (or a special mobile application) will indicate to the driver the location of the nearest petrol stations (and any places the driver needs to go), inform about faults in the car, traffic jams, and show possible routes of their detour.

Special detectors installed in asphalt will recognize cracks in it and other “dangerous symptoms”, and immediately send an alarm signal (about the necessity of detour, speed reduction, or car stop) to the driver, more precisely, to devices in the car.

If the driver ignores this information and continuous movement, onboard computer (through which the signal passes) will automatically reduce speed, stop the car or take other necessary measures.

Thus we will be able to avoid lots of unpleasure situations (f.e. traffic jams) and also prevent various catastrophes (road accidents and others).

Currently, a system of detectors, devices, and sensors created for these purposes (monitoring traffic situation) is being implemented in some countries. Step by step smart parking is being introduced: it’s designed to indicate available parking places, control their availability, provide cars security and much more.

A lot of special security detectors creating the whole network are being installed in the buildings. Such networks, in turn, will be connected to each other and form security system of the city. Similar networks are created to control heating, lighting, etc.

Mobile applications, which allow to control home lighting, already exist, you need only to install such app on your smartphone. Our company also develops mobile applications which connect virtual devices.

Mobile applications which control your nutrition (what you eat and how much a day) and calculate calories isn’t news anymore. And those which watch over our sleep (how many hours we sleep, wake up or not, whether our sleep is deep) too.

IoT development prospects
Electrical energy consumption will be significantly reduced due to the appearance of its control systems, installed in each house and creating a huge energy-saving network in the city.

Medicine will make a great step forward: already now there are special detectors connected to the network which allow to make a diagnosis and even define causes of disease, and with the development of the Internet of things practically everyone will have such devices!

As we see, IoT advantages and possibilities are almost unlimited. At present moment the Internet of things is the main trend in the world of technologies and at the same time a new era of its development.

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