IoT application development: why should start investing?

iot mobile applications development IoT application development: why should start investing?
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The Internet of Things is going to greatly change the way we live, work, and entertain. According to analyst forecasts, the number of connected devices is going to reach 6.4 billion worldwide this year. And some predictions say that by 2020 there will be 60 billion connected devices!

Such a notion as a smart home is no longer something we don’t have a clear picture of. Today introducing of smart things, parking, and lightning is gathering pace, so soon we can speak about the revolution in many industries and spheres of life.

Probably in all of them. Connected devices are already used even in agriculture, for example, to control plant and crop cultivation, animal growth and development, and much more.

Many corporations realized the IoT potential a long time ago and started investing in this innovation. Among them are such giants as Apple which built the HomeKit IoT platform to implement home appliances in iOS environment, IBM with huge investment of $ 3 billion, and Microsoft, which launched the Azure Internet of Things platform which is used by more than 5 million companies all over the world.

The Internet of Things is a complicated system which includes 3 main components:

1. Infrastructure – A computer program on a corporate data server in the cloud, which analyzes and processes data received from connected devices.

2. Smart gadgets – Objects that interact with each other (sensors, apps, and so on) and with the network itself. They can automatically transmit data to each other, while the software receives and processes this information.

3. IoT applications – Web, mobile, and hybrid IoT apps that allow users to manage connected devices via smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

One of the main trends (concerning technologies) for today is IoT application development. Building apps that enable users to control and regulate various objects, and interact with other ones, are becoming of great popularity nowadays.

There are mobile and web software solutions that can transform data into some center and receive it as well. And based on its analysis make some actions automatically.

For example, IoT application which can send signals to a medical center, personal doctor or call emergency in case of health deterioration, faint, or apoplectic attack. Thus, such a product can even save lives. Imagine, how the widespread of such tech solutions will affect the healthcare domain!

So, in this article, we’ve gathered the reasons of why you should invest in IoT application development, be it custom mobile or web app development, and the industries that should consider this issue first of all.

1. Increased workflow efficiency
There are a lot of possibilities for mobile and web applications development for business solutions. One of the principal goals that enterprises strive to achieve is workflow automation and optimization.

A good option to make it is IoT application development, for instance, solutions for minimizing human participation in some technical or manual operations.

2. Revolution in healthcare
We provided one example of using an IoT application above, but there are still so many of them! Health state monitoring wearables, sensors, apps. Devices that enable to measure such parameters as pulse, blood sugar level, and a lot more.

Apps that instantaneously analyze data and provide meaningful assumptions, the most probable diagnosis and so on, which is especially useful in rare diseases, complicated to determine or the new ones. Mobile and web solutions to enhance and automate decision-making processes.

Thus, we can say about the huge potential of IoT in healthcare and particularly IoT custom web and mobile app development.

3. New learning environment
IoT mobile and web applications development promises to have a great impact on the education industry. Probably, soon we will become the witnesses of the evolution in teaching and learning processes.

Nowadays high-tech solutions are penetrating in schools, colleges, and universities changing the whole approach towards teaching.

Well, today various digital devices are widely used in classrooms, including mobile and web apps, platforms, smartphones, and tablets to create the best learning environment.

For example, an IoT application which provides tests and videos on various subjects, track user activity (time for answers and passing a test on the whole) and processes the results.

Thus a teacher receives a report for each student: complicated and easy questions and topics, which of them provoke difficulties and based on this he or she gets the understanding of what should be improved.

4. Innovative tech approaches in retail
Perhaps, retail is one of the very industries which should consider IoT application development or other IoT tech solution implementation first of all. One of the best examples of using innovative tech methods is beacons.

Beacons are small IoT gadgets, that are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and can serve many purposes: gather customer intelligence, navigate them inside buildings, automatically send push notifications to smartphones, and much more.

Many stores and shopping malls have already started to actively use beacons to increase customer loyalty and boost sales. And it works. Read more about beacons employment and their benefits in our article.

5. Significant reduction in the number of car accidents
IoT application development is one of the best tech opportunities to monitor traffic, measure weather conditions, and so on.

Building apps that are connected to a plenty of sensors that gather data and track any activity on the roads and motorways, and can to notify drivers about traffic jams, construction works, and show the optimal routes, is obviously an efficient solution for traffic monitoring and optimization.

Thus, custom mobile and web app development for these purposes is also one of major lines of IoT development.

6. Heating / Lightning control
Today the Internet of Things has caused the widespread of temperature, pressure, light, and vibration sensors, that connect to each other, IoT applications, and the network. This allows building the network of lighting and heating control.

7. Research activity enhancement
Now IoT sensors and detectors can be connected even to geological formation, plants, and so on. These objects can send signals about any state changes, growth conditions, etc, to IoT application, which in turn processes received data and shows the results to a user.

Thus, scientists can make various experiments, intersect different sorts much easier and with higher efficiency.

As we see, the Internet of Things has great potential for investment. Today it is developing by leaps and bounds, provoking huge growth in IoT mobile and web applications development.

The number of connected devices is increasing every day, and we can say with sure that IoT is going to improve quality of life and facilitate progress.

4.7/5 - (9 votes)