Latest programming trends that going hot in the coming years

latest programming trends Latest programming trends that going hot in the coming years
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There are a lot of programming trends in the tech world, that constantly replace each other: ones are becoming hot and ones going cold. Some trends from the moment of birth gain popularity, some take the back seat, but then again become trends.

Everybody remembers Assembly programming language having popularity some time ago, but losing it with time. However, now according to TIOBE Index, it has again broken forward on the 10th place among the most popular programming languages (results for July 2016).

And some trends stay permanent, for example, Java continues to be a leader for a long time. You can find more information about Java in our blog post about Java application development trends.


The key programming trends for the next few years


1. PHP 7.0
One of the key latest programming trends is the release of PHP 7.0. Now this language for web applications development has become much better!

In the past PHP offered a simple way of creating dynamic web pages and apps. Old PHP was a good option for small and not complicated projects providing such advantages as flexibility, easy implementation of changes, a great variety of ways to solve some problem.

However, an old version had many challenges for software engineers and required enhancements.

Probably, the most remarkable advantage of PHP 7.0 is performance improvement thanks to refactored Zend Engine (open source scripting engine), and also significantly optimized memory usage.

The results of introduced enhancements are great: the code is executed faster and a programmer needs fewer servers to serve the same number of users.

2. Node.js
Perhaps, no one expected from a toy language used at the beginning only for alert boxes that it would become so popular providing a lot of possibilities for web applications development. For example, real-time software web solutions that allow to track and analyze each user interaction.

Although Node.js isn’t a JavaScript framework, lots of modules are coded in it. Node.js has developed at a rapid pace and when it came along with the JavaScript callback model, the code ran very fast.

3. Single-page web apps
If a few years ago one of the top programming trends was website creation, now it’s going to be replaced with single-page web applications development. Why? The answer is pretty simple: it’s easier and more convenient.

New web solutions are frontends to big databases filled with content. When a web application requires some information, it pulls it from a certain database and moves it to a local mold, which is a great advantage in the comparison with websites. Also, there is no need for designers to spend hours making the sitemap and simple convenient navigation.

4. Web interfaces
One of the latest programming trends is raise of web interfaces. Today they are becoming more and more powerful opening new opportunities for developers.

For example, if you don’t like the way WordPress functions, you can use a built-in editor which allows changing the code right in its portal. Like Microsoft’s Azure enables to write code in JavaScript right here.

So, nowadays browser-based tools, that provide the possibility to edit code, are going to replace IDEs (integrated development environment).

5. JavaScript and ECMAScript
According to TIOBE Index JavaScript takes the 7th place in the list of the most popular programming languages. But there are some other rankings. For example, GitHub claims JavaScript to be even the first one. Google Trends also emphasizes increasing interest in this programming language.

There are several main reasons for JavaScript popularity. First, it’s an efficient solution for building client side in web applications development based on HTML-5. Second,  due to Node.js JavaScript is a top choice for creating a server side. And finally, JavaScript is a web browser language serving as a universal client on different platforms.

Another advantage is significant changes and enhancements that were introduced by ECMAScript 6 and 7. They include various classes, modules, static methods aimed at web applications development simplification.

6. Real-time everything
Real-time custom mobile and web app development are one of the latest programming trends we can’t pass by. Real-time analytics provided by such efficient software solutions will significantly change relationships with customers, clients and so on.

The implementation of real-time mobile and web apps in all industries will create a new way business functions, affecting practically all fields, from a financial sector and retail to manufacturing and e-commerce.

7. Security
Nowadays security has become increasingly important. Software engineers are strongly focused on custom web and mobile app development with a high-security level as today great efforts required for building such solutions is a necessity. Especially when speaking about enterprise apps: all the information, records, transactions and operations need protection.

8. Java
Java continues to be a leader among the most popular programming language in the world according to TIOBE Index. The reasons for that is the fact that Java is an efficient solution big complex projects as well as product further extension due to such advantages as a high-security level, versatility, and scalability.

Also, Java is always a good choice for custom mobile and web applications development as well for building Internet of things apps.

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