Mobile apps for business: 7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app

mobile apps for business Mobile apps for business: 7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app
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The world doesn’t stay in one place. It’s constantly developing. Especially a mobile world. We all have noticed people which can’t take a look from their mobile phones, and often it doesn’t matter whether they sit in a cafe with friends or spend time with family.

A typical American “sits in” his phone 2 hours a day. One reason for this is the fact that a mobile phone gives us many opportunities and benefits. Invented not so long ago it has already been integrated into our lives.

Now without our smartphones, we can’t imagine our life. It’s one of the reasons why mobile applications industry is developing by leaps and bounds: according to forecasts, in 2017 nearly 269 million people will use mobile apps.

We describe it for you to realize how the world has become mobile, how phones have consumed our life. So why don’t businesses get benefit from this situation?

Many companies understood the possible advantages of mobile app development for business can bring at the very beginning of mobile world growth. Currently, mobile app development for business has become a general trend.

Moreover, own business application is already must-have (as many believe), if you want to keep up with the times, develop and expand your business.

Mobile app development for business gives a lot of possibilities depending on functions it has and the goals it’s created for. For example, with the help of mobile application, you can expand your target audience, improve brand and customer loyalty, get profit and increase sales.

Many companies order mobile app development for business to simplify and accelerate internal working processes. Examples of such mobile apps for business are those to work with documents (collect reports, check and edit documents, sign them, send scans), optimize employees work (by the order of Sony CRM Smartum Pro developed a mobile application to facilitate the work of merchandisers and increase their productivity) etc.
Let’s consider in more detail which benefits mobile apps for business can give. So, these are 7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

  1. Open of a new sales channel (a really good and convenient one!) – sending push-up notifications, information about special offers and discounts, constant reminding your clients of you and your services, motivation to make purchases.
  2. Increase in sales and getting the profit – the consequence of the previous point (who will refuse a special offer on favorites goods sent on your phone with images and addresses of the nearest shops and how to reach them?). A good example of mobile app for business developed for sales enforcement of shops and target audience analysis is AdMark.
  3. Improve customer loyalty – your customers feel special and advanced, believe your company to be the best, your credibility increases.
  4. Create (expand) brand – mobile app development for business helps to make your brand familiar to more people, and its awareness increases. It’s also your services advertising, not only benefits which the application brings to your clients.
  5. Customers’ attraction and retention – your customers advice your app to their friends, due to that new clients come to you; sending relevant and useful information you save the interest of your audience.
  6. Business processes optimization and automation – acceleration and simplification of work (f.e., there are mobile apps for business created to control employees work, simplify their work, increase productivity etc.).
  7. Stand above your competitors – having your own business application you get a huge advantage. Offering your customers rich and a convenient mobile app exactly for their needs, you’ll become the first among your rivals.

Let’s consider an application of e-commerce site. Right from your mobile phone a user can order different goods, indicate time for delivery and so on. Very convenient for the clients, isn’t it? And your company will attract new customers and increase sales.

Mobile app development for business is a topical issue (especially) for service companies. For example, restaurants and cafes can create an application allowing clients to reserve tables, look through menu, warn about delays, receive information about special offers, see the addresses of the nearest restaurants (f.e., if it’s a chain) and how to reach them, – everything due to a mobile app.

So, we’ve shown you 7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app. There are a lot of options of mobile app development (there are three types of applications, you can read about them in our article).

As our topic is about mobile app development for business, we’ll consider a bit native mobile app development.

A native app is an application installed through app stores (App Store, Google Play). Native applications are created for one platform: native Android development, native iOS development etc.

It should be noted that Android and iOS take more than 95% of the mobile apps market (including cross-platform mobile apps).

When choosing a platform for a future application you should make your audience analysis and define which platform they use. However, it’s practically impossible to face the situation when everyone uses the same platform.

Most often there is 50/50 (50% – Android, 50% – iOS), 60/40, but not 95/5. Thus, you won’t reach the whole audience.

Therefore most companies choose native mobile app development, and to reach the maximum possible audience, order both native Android and iOS application development, so for each platform, a separate code is written allowing to create the most effective and convenient decision.

If your goal is an application for employees (f.e. to optimize the internal business process, control their work etc.) you can order cross-platform application development. In comparison with native mobile app development, a cross-platform solution implies writing one code for both platforms.

Most often the result isn’t so effective (to compare with native app development), but it allows you to receive a working solution and at the same time cut costs.

Mobile app development for business is a very topical issue for many companies, which haven’t joined the trend of mobile apps for business, think about.

Some of them, on the contrary, have already had up to 3 applications (and more): the first to get in touch with clients and increase sales, the second to control and simplify the work of employees, the third for management (sign and edit documents, collect reports etc.).

Mobile app development for business gives lots of possibilities. There are so many interesting ideas about mobile apps for business for various business objectives, and all the time the new is found. Before developing a mobile app for business you should define goals it’s created for and also its principal functions.

We offer you the development of high-quality mobile apps for your business taking into account all your requirements.

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