Salesforce Application Development for business solutions: why you should choose Salesforce

enterprise software Salesforce Application Development for business solutions: why you should choose Salesforce
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Mobile and web application development with Salesforce has a lot of benefits. Being the largest platform for enterprise app development it provides access to the Internet – so there is no need for buying and managing infrastructure.

Salesforce also has such important characteristics as security and scalability. Moreover, sometimes it’s said to be the most secure platform in the world.

The opportunities of this leading SaaS and PaaS solution provider are great: App Cloud, App Builder, Heroku, Lightning components, and more. So, everything you may need for quality Salesforce custom development. Or you can use AppExchange to find an efficient solution exactly for your company.

Also as we were writing earlier, Salesforce includes various components for your business process automation and revenue increase.

Among them are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, ExactTarget (Marketing Cloud), Pardot, and others. The integration of these solutions in your enterprise according to all specific needs of your company will help you streamline your business and automate workflow.

Salesforce application development can be used to achieve a plenty of goals and operational challenges. Here are the key solutions for your enterprise including not only Salesforce custom app development, but also the implementation of CRM and other useful products and Salesforce solutions.

1. Business Intelligence
The main goal of business intelligence solutions is to streamline the decision-making process, analyze and interpret large volumes of data, and make projections.

BI can open great opportunities for your company: data warehousing, data consolidation, predictive analysis, analytical reporting system, business reporting, growth strategies creation, strategic planning, and so on.

A lot of companies choose Salesforce custom app development for business intelligence solutions building and implementation.

Make a quality BI application that suits your business specific needs and meet your goals, be it minimized operational risks, streamlines strategic planning, or enhanced decision-making process, and increase your company level.

2. Big Data processing
Nowadays to become a leader in a particular industry a company needs to process and analyze large volumes of data. Manual processing is a time-consuming process having more chances of making various errors.

Big Data processing is an efficient solution that includes analysis of both structured and unstructured data, conversion of raw data into valuable ones, providing rapid processing results, minimizing human errors, etc.

So, you can use Salesforce to build your own application for Big Data processing: the integration of mobile or web app (supporting the features mentioned above or some others) into your company will allow you to automate workflow related to internal and external information analysis and so on.

3. Decision-making process optimization
Salesforce custom application development can bring your company many advantages, one of them is a streamlined decision-making process. A Salesforce software solution may include such features as dashboards that provide real-time data and their analysis, access to all reports from any place and mobile reporting, pipeline visibility, sales operations tracking, and so on.

The implementation of such an application will help your company make insightful decisions based on a real-time picture of your business and its analysis.

4. Marketing activities automation
Salesforce has special importance in the marketing processes of a company. You can receive access to the automation of all operations, including mobile, online, social, and email marketing.

The Salesforce components that offer such possibilities are first of all Marketing Cloud (or ExactTarget) and Pardot.

They provide a plenty of useful features: from email campaigns launch and ads creation to content management and the target audience analysis.

The implementation of such a software marketing solution will allow you to send personalized messages to your customers/users based on their behavior, manage advertising campaigns, use pre-built layouts for content creation, plan, launch and analyze email marketing campaigns, and much more.

Your customers like any ones want to feel special. And you’ve probably gathered a lot of information about them. It can be purchasing or downloads history, behavior patterns, search records, etc.

So, you integrate this useful data into Salesforce and receive control over customer relationship: now you personalize your emails, know preferences of your audience, send push notifications, analyze real-time behavior, and so on.

Thus, ExactTarget and Pardot encourage business growth by creating efficient and automated marketing processes.

5. Streamlined Sales processes
The implementation of Salesforce solutions provides a variety of opportunities, one of them is everything associated with sales activities.

The universal product for sales processes automation is Salesforce Marketing Cloud enabling a company to manage and analyze lead data, segment client base, measure ROI (analyze various ROI metrics), plan and create marketing campaigns, process requests, track customer information and interactions in one place, etc.

Thus, the integration of this Salesforce solution will help you close more deals due to streamlined sales processes.

6. Improved customer service
Salesforce also includes Service Cloud, an integrated customer service platform which enables companies to enhance their customer services through building automated customer service activities and providing great opportunities for customer support.

With the Salesforce Service Cloud implemented in your company, you will be able to analyze the audience and track customer interactions, including emails, social media, connected devices, and more. Your customer service team will receive access to customer data, know user behavior patterns, and so be able to respond to them immediately.

7. Transparent data funnel creation
To provide your customers with personalized and exciting experience you need to make sure your customer service team has all the necessary information about each client. And puts it properly. What does it mean?

The best customer service implies high-efficient collaboration of your sales, service, and marketing teams. The creation of a transparent data funnel for them is a key for team cohesion company success.

When teams’ members have access to the same information, have the full view of each particular customer, they can easily work together. So, the integration of Salesforce solutions into marketing, sales, and service departments encourage business process automation and revenue growth.

Or, if you’ve already implemented some systems in some of them, for example, HubSpot Marketing for the marketing team, and Zendesk for customer service team, you also can easily integrate them with Salesforce.


Salesforce application development

Salesforce is an all-in-one platform, where you can find efficient solutions for marketing, sales, customer service, and also all necessary tools for Salesforce custom app development that include APEX, Visualforce, Process Builder, Lightning framework, Heroku, and so on.

For example, with the help of Salesforce, you can create a marketing app that allows managing various marketing and advertising programs. Or to develop an application to connect your finance departments, track financial operations, make financial analysis, and more.

Also, you can build an app enabling your company to convert more leads, create a single customer view across business lines, deliver fast relevant responses, etc.

Thus, there can be a lot of opportunities for your company and what to choose depends on your business needs and objectives. And we are always here to help you make the right decision.

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